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Suggestions for Reducing Travel Anxiousness On Long Flights

Hi there ! I am Michelle plus I really like traveling… but I’m also someone along with a lot of anxiousness , meaning that each lengthy flight evolves into a lengthy exercise of keeping our sanity in check.

But fortunately, We’ve taught me a several easy (and mostly free! ) tricks to cool out plus relax inside my seat above. Here are usually some of my favorite methods to remain calm, actually when travel anxiety kicks in.

1 ) Take your own shoes away and put upon some gentle, comfy household slippers.

2 . Line up a good in-flight movie that will completely hold your own attention — particularly 1 that you’ll watched before.

3. Download Max Richter’s SLEEP recording.

4. Wear a smooth, slip-proof eyemask .

5. Wear the particular stretchiest, most comfortable leggings or even pants you will find.

6. The night time before your own flight, attempt to sleep to have an hour or two lower than normal.

7. Imagine that everyone upon your airline flight is a loving plus compassionate individual.

8. Right after take-off, hold your luggage bag upon your lap.

9. Bring your own water bottle and fill up just before you soar through the air.

10. Cleanup the photo albums on the phone!

Are you experiencing any techniques for getting via long flights? Share within the responses below!

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