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A REGULAR flyer offers revealed the three steps she always follows when visiting keep both her belongings and little safe.

Come july 1st showed how easy it really is for problems to arise at air-ports, with strikes and employees shortages leading to delays, cancellations and dropped luggage.

Erika takes a photo of her bag in case it goes missing after it has been checked in

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Erika takes a photo of her handbag in case it goes missing after this has already been checked in Credit: tiktok. com/@erikakullberg

Nevertheless, lawyer Erika Kullberg’s ( @erikakullberg ) tips guarantees that, in the event that she does run in to problems, she will be well prepared to deal with them.

Within a video upon Tiktok , she demonstrated the three easy things she does every time she flies.

The first of the girl three suggestions is in order to take pictures of your travel suitcase before you check out it in.

This really is to act as proof of the condition it was within before abfertigung case it gets damaged by the airline, so she may get settlement.

She said: “If your bag is delayed, broken or lost, the air travel is responsible.

“I get the image as evidence of what the particular bag looked like on check-in, in case I want to claim money. ”

The second thing Erika does prior to flying is certainly texts the particular flight quantity to a friend, the relative or to whoever will be picking the girl up from the airport on her location.

Iphone users can simply click upon the number and track the airline flight, whereas some other phone customers can make use of various internet sites to find out exactly how the flight is obtaining on, plus whether or not this will become delayed.

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By putting an airtag in her suitcase, Erika is able to track it after it's been checked in

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By putting an airtag within her travel suitcase, Erika can be able to track it after might be been examined in Credit: tiktok. com/@erikakullberg

Erika described: “On iMessage all they need to do is definitely hold down the flight number to see the standing of the particular flight. inch

The third plus final point she does before traveling is place an airtag in the girl suitcase.

This is a popular hack and enables passengers in order to track their own luggage right after checking this in.

Consequently , if it gets dropped or is without a doubt delayed, she will understand exactly where it is.

She said: “I pop an airtag in every bag. Once I land, Factors know where every handbag is, or even if this been missing or postponed, I’ll find out therefore i can file a claim. inch

Erika’s help and advice was well-received by other Tiktok customers.

One published: “The AirTag is extremely smart. Once the flight states not really know where it is you just show them. ”

An ex baggage handler said: “The picture is an excellent idea! Saying ‘black with wheels’ does not help. ”

A third added: “Ah this really is so smart!! I can try keep in mind this when I journey next. ”

Meanwhile, these other Tiktok packing hacks could help to make travelling much easier.

These types of hacks assist passengers when just traveling with hand luggage.

Erika follows three hacks to help keep track of her luggage every time she flies


Erika follows 3 hacks to keep track of her luggage every time the lady flies Credit score: Getty

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