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After a long day of travel, one of the most welcome bit of news you can get that the hotel is giving you a totally free upgrade. That upgrade can come in different forms, such as extra amenities, complimentary access to services, or, ideally, a bigger and better room. Here are a few tips, tricks, and hacks for you to get a hotel upgrade.

Ask Nicely.

This can be a given but asking nicely is one way to possibly get an upgrade. Plus, being genuinely polite is just an excellent way to start your stay. Depending on the hotel, travel season and availability, your accommodations could get a good bump.

You may also mention in case you are visiting for a special occasion. Hotels like to help their guests celebrate and could be able to offer bonuses.

Consider Your Hotel Location.

Planning your stay, including the check-in time, can also help increase your chances of an upgrade. You don’t want to ask in the middle of the day when everyone is endeavoring to check out. Checking in later in the day can be better as the staff will have a better idea of what exactly is available.

Plus, consider your location. If you are remaining in a business area, you have a better chance of getting an upgrade on a Friday or Saturday, as the hotel is likely busier with business travelers while in the week.

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Stay For a lot of Nights

It also helps if you are going to be staying multiple nights. The hotel is often more likely to offer an upgrade understand know you should be spending money utilizing their services, particularly when they have a spa or upscale restaurant mounted on the property.

There will probably be more availability later with your stay. On hand an upgrade initially, you might need to try asking again some days in. In addition mention that you do not mind switching rooms should something provided.

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Go to a New Hotel.

New hotels are often times trying to build buzz for their properties. You might have a better chance of getting an upgrade as they are looking for shed pounds generate reviews that are positive.

Loyalty Status Can help you.

Joining a hotel loyalty program and staying several times can help you build status. One other way of getting automatic elite status easily and quickly is to use a co-brand hotel mastercard. Elite status usually means perks like late checkout, complimentary room upgrades when available, and free nights.

Book Because of the Hotel Directly.

Employing a third-party site can limit what can and can’t be finished with your reservation. Engaging using the hotel directly can help increase your chances of an upgrade. If possible call or email the hotel, some may also be able to provide promotions. Let them know how thrilled looking an upcoming stay.


A no cost room upgrade is a privilege and can be according to availability and employee ability. Additionally , an upgrade can mean different things at different properties. For instance, upgrading can mean a place with a better view, a larger room or even a few extra perks like late checkout or free drinks. Hopefully, these tips will let you on your next hotel stay.

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