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There are frugal life hacks, hacks that claim to change your life, and hacks that sound fake but actually work. However, this one is dedicated solely to the ladies. There are certain tips and great hacks that only concern women and that we can actually benefit from in many ways if we apply them to daily life.

The many life hacks for women regard beauty, fashion, health tips for women, errands around the house, as well as saving money, staying safe, and in case of an emergency. While some of these cool life hacks might turn out life-saving one day, most are really just helpful advice dealing with day-to-day bits and bobs.

Below, we’ve compiled some of the best life hacks and tips in the form of great advice for women. Found any of these life hacks for women helpful? Make sure to give them an upvote! Is there a life hack for women you utilize in everyday settings, which we didn’t include in the list? Let us know in the comments!

Buy Men’s Products

Certain things cost less and function better when purchased in the men’s section. For instance, men’s razors are cheaper than women’s; the only distinction is that they aren’t pink or purple, which, apparently, improves the shaving experience (it doesn’t). Often it’s just the scent and the packaging that differs, yet the product is the same.

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Wear A Ring While Traveling

Whether you’re married or not, travel with a wedding ring on. It needn’t be pricey, just a dummy to convey that you aren’t single and traveling alone. Unfortunately, some men will respect an imaginary man more than the lady standing right in front of them.


Carry A “Home Alone” Card

If something happens to you, this card will tell people that someone at your house (be it children or pets) can’t fend for themselves and is relying on you to return. Simply note on the card who to contact to arrange for your child’s care until you can make it back home.

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Keep Money In Your Phone Case

You’ll always have some emergency cash on hand if you keep some money between your phone and its case. However, don’t use this hack if you have a clear phone case, as it can lure pickpockets.

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Thread Jewelry Through Straws

Prepare for your upcoming vacation by threading your chains through straws and fastening the clasp. This will make unpacking much less frustrating and prevent your jewelry from getting tangled.

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Turn Your Preferred Beverages Into Ice Cubes

Pour the desired beverage onto an ice tray and freeze it to keep your drinks chilled without watering them down. For instance, you may use frozen coffee cubes to make iced coffee.


Put Clumpy Mascara In Hot Water

Simply submerge the mascara tube in a cup of hot water and let it soak for a few minutes if it is beginning to clump or dry out.

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Pack Shoes In Shower Caps

Putting your shoes in a bag without getting your clothes dirty is one of the many concerns of packing a suitcase. Use shower caps to neatly wrap your shoes, making them ready for packing.

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Mark Keys With Nail Polish

We’ve all encountered the scenario where we can’t recall which key fits the lock we need, so we try them all. To avoid the fuss, distinguish your keys with different colored nail polish.

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Buy Men’s Shirts

There is virtually no reason to pay more for a plain t-shirt just because it hangs in the women’s section. Regarding clothing staples such as t-shirts, often there is little difference between men’s and women’s. Yet, men’s clothing is often cheaper than women’s.


Store Money In A Chapstick Tube

Finding a secure location to store your money can be challenging, particularly if you’re traveling. Keeping your cash in an unusual place, such as a tube of chapstick, is the best way to keep pickpockets from looting it.

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Keep Bobby Pins On Magnets

Bobby pins have a weird habit of disappearing, much like socks in a dryer. Consider sticking them to a magnet. This way, your bobby pins will stay in place and be easy to find.

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Use A Hair Iron On Clothes

If you’re in a bind and need to straighten your clothes but don’t have an iron, you can use a hair iron instead. When traveling, this is especially helpful because you probably won’t want to pack both.

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Fixing Zipper With Soap Or A Chapstick

Even the most collected person can become anxious if their zipper gets stuck. Try to unfasten the zipper by rubbing soap over it first. If you are on the go, apply chapstick. It will function like a soap bar thanks to the waxy material.

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Shave With Baby Oil Or Hair Conditioner

Shaving cream can be substituted with baby oil for a lower cost and more hydrating result. If you don’t like baby oil, you can also use conditioner in place of shaving cream. Your skin will still feel silky, and you’ll get the same glide.


Put Bracelets On With Tape

When you try to put on a bracelet yourself, the chain keeps going around your wrist, making you feel like a dog chasing its own tail. Simply use tape to hold your jewelry in place as you work the clasp.

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Remove Gum From Hair With Ice

If you ever fall prey to the cliche of getting gum caught in your hair, you can freeze the gum using ice cubes to remove it. Simply hold an ice cube on the gum for five to fifteen minutes or until it hardens.

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Break Shoes In With A Blowdryer

To avoid the pain and blisters, you can break in a new pair of shoes before you even wear them. Just put on some thin socks, put the new shoes over them, then blow dry them for several minutes. After you’re done, let the shoes cool.

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DIY Jewelry Cleaning

Your jewelry should soak for about five minutes in a solution that contains one teaspoon of dishwashing soap and warm water. You can use a soft toothbrush to scrub it afterward. Also, you may use a toothpick to get the dirt out of hard-to-reach spots.

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Use Velvet Or Silk Hair Band

Luckily for all the Rapunzels out there, scrunchies have made a comeback. Unlike traditional elastic hair ties, scrunchies don’t pull the hair out. Also, they are unlikely to leave any marks afterward. While the best option is silk scrunchies, they can get pricey (although they are absolutely worth the investment), so you could use velvet scrunchies instead.


Spaghetti To Light A Wick That’s Too Far Down To Reach

You don’t have to bin your favorite candle just because it has burned down to the wick. Use a piece of uncooked spaghetti for those harder-to-reach candles as a very long match.

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Use Ice Cubes On Wrinkled Clothes

You don’t have to forgo wearing a particular outfit just because your garments are wrinkled and you don’t have an iron. Instead, add two to four ice cubes to the dryer with the clothing and run it for around 10 minutes. The ice cubes will melt in the dryer, creating a steamer-like effect. 

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Use A Razor On Pilled Clothes

A disposable razor or an old razor you were planning to bin will get the job done just like an expensive fabric razor. Simply pull the fabric delicately and use a razor to shave off the pilled bits.

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Use Frozen Grapes To Chill White Wine

Frozen grapes are an excellent addition to alcoholic beverages, especially wine. They work perfectly well to cool the drink without watering it down. Also, you can eat them later!

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Use Hairspray Or Nail Polish On Tights

While we can’t prevent tights from ripping, we can reduce the likelihood of it occurring. After you put on your stockings, simply mist them with hairspray. The fibers will be strengthened, decreasing their risk of tearing. Apply clear nail paint to the opposite side of the rip if your tights have already torn and you don’t want the hole to get any bigger.

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Rub Smelly Hands On Stainless Steel

Everybody has experienced having stinky hands after handling foods like garlic or onions. Fortunately, there is a straightforward fix: rub your hands on some stainless steel after cutting garlic or onions. This may be your faucet or sink — whatever fits! The odor will stick to the stainless steel, leaving your hands odor-free.


Use Dryer Sheets On Frizzy Hair

Dryer sheets come to the rescue once again! If none of your hair products seem to eliminate frizz or flyaways, place a dryer sheet on your hairbrush to eliminate static or flyaways and comb it through. This hack works because hair is negatively charged, whereas dryer sheets are positively charged, resulting in smoothed-down, tamed hair.

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Make A Medical Card

Create a card listing your food allergies and drug sensitivities in case something occurs to you while you’re out and about. This is especially useful if you carry any emergency medication and want others to know to look for it in your backpack. You can also make similar cards for elderly family members with diabetes or other long-term conditions.


Stay Moisturized

One of the best anti-aging hacks ever is moisturizing. To be healthy, your skin and hair require the right amount of moisture. We advise moisturizing the hair at least twice a week and the skin (face and body) at least once a day, every single day.


Use Dryer Sheets On Deodorant Marks

While wiping deodorant marks with water works occasionally, it doesn’t work on all colors and kinds of fabric. To remove the deodorant stain, try rubbing a dryer sheet over it. If there aren’t any dryer sheets available, you can gently rub the item’s cloth together. However, as it may stretch or wrinkle the fabric, this should only be used as a last option.

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Get Your Pants Tailored

In terms of aesthetics, tailored pants can genuinely make all the difference. Depending on how well they fit, the same pair of jeans can make you look either sophisticated or frumpy.

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Always Cut Bottles In Half Before Binning Them

Simply divide the container in half and scoop the remaining toothpaste or shampoo out if you’re having trouble getting the last bit out. Cutting a container in half will ensure that you use every last drop of each product and that you don’t squander any money. But be careful when you do it!

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Open Jars With A Knife

Grab a knife instead of repeatedly beating the jar against the table, which is rarely effective and may cause fracture. You can open the jar easily by inserting the knife into the lid and pushing it up. You will hear a slight “pop” once the cap is ready to be opened. However, be cautious and never do it while holding the jar in the air. Make sure the lid is facing down the table when you do this.

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Keep A Toiletry Bag In Your Car

Even if you never need to use your toiletry bag, keeping one in your car will offer you a sense of security. This life hack is worthwhile because it gives you peace of mind knowing that you can easily access all of your necessities whenever the need arises.


Use A Rubber Band For A Perfect French Tip

While you can purchase French tip stickers from any drugstore, you may also use something you already have in your household. Simply wrap your nail with a rubber band and apply the nail polish to the tip. However, only remove the rubber band once the polish has thoroughly dried!

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Cover Sink Drains

Don’t try to catch a piece of jewelry that falls into the sink. Covering the drain before your jewelry enters the pipes can significantly improve your chances of recovering it. You may also want to cover it with netting to prevent your priceless objects from passing through your drain, but still allow water to pass.

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Put Pads On Underwear Before Showering

We are all familiar with the dreadful struggle to leave the shower while on your period as you race against time and gravity. There’s an easy hack to avoid this. Before taking a shower, secure your pad to your underwear and place it on the counter, where you can reach it easily. This way, when you get out of the shower, your pad and underwear will be ready. Or, you can put it on while still in the shower.

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Avoid Rust Rings With Nail Polish

Anyone with an extensive collection of toiletries is familiar with the nasty rust rings. Nail polish can also be used to avoid them. Simply apply nail polish to the bottom of the can or bottle to create a barrier between the toiletry and the bathroom’s surfaces.

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Double Your Closet Space

Is there not enough room in your wardrobe? There probably is; you just have to know how to work with it. To double your closet space, add metal can tabs to your hangers and then hang another piece of clothing onto it.

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Upgrade Your Worn-Out Heels

Don’t throw them out just yet. Instead, give your old, worn-out pumps a fresh look by upgrading them with fabric. Or you can even paint the heels of your shoes to create a bright statement shoe by adding a pop of color.


Make Candles Last Longer

To make your candles last longer, wrap them in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer for 24 hours before igniting them.


Know Your Measurements

Before your next trip to the mall, take measurements of all the relevant body areas and enter the data into your phone. While this won’t replace trying things on, it will help you eliminate a lot of options, saving you time and frustration.


Coat Jewelry With Nail Polish

The nail polish will serve as a barrier, protecting against tarnishing and chipping of your jewelry. The nail polish will also help if you’re one of those whose complexion turns green when wearing costume jewelry.

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