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I d this series, Lonely Planet’s team associated with writers plus editors solutions your travel problems plus provide as well as hacks that may help you plan a hassle-free trip. This week Tom Corridor, Lonely World’s de facto train expert  tackles a query from an US traveler coming to Scandinavia .

Issue: Hello Lonesome Planet,   I feel organising a short Scandinavian trip, spending 2 days inside Copenhagen , Oslo , Bergen , and Stockholm . Me wondering if feasible to travel simply by train instead of airplane between the cities?

Tom Lounge: It is not only feasible to travel by teach in Scandinavia, it’s immensely important.

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A backpacker waits to board the scenic Flamsbana Railway in Norway
The particular scenic Flamsbana Railway inside Norway,   the further in progress you can guide the better  © Russell Monk / Getty

Circumstance for also in  Scandinavia

Train travel is an excellent way in order to can see a massive amount of varied scenery in a very short period associated with. And it is definitely the healthier option. The carbon exhausts generated by flying is an incredibly hot topic all through Europe , and inhabitants of nordic countries have got great satisfaction in low-emissions rail traveling.  

Locomotives in Scandinavia are simple and efficient, running to and from city center terminals that will are usually impressive areas to occur and go from. Normal rail services connect main nordic cities, with more time journeys such as Oslo to Stockholm (around 7 hours) and Bergen (six and the half) furthermore linked simply by night train locomotives. Anyhow, the latter trip is a strong competitor in the world’s best train journey, so if you can perform that one simply by day. The particular journey from Copenhagen in to Sweden passes across the famed Öresund Bridge. You may change in Malmo with regard to services to Gothenburg and Oslo. The majority of trains give free wi-fi in addition to meals and consume available on-ship.  

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The scenic dome in Bergen's train station
  Bergen’s train station, the trip from here to Oslo is probably the world’s best teach journey © Amei Ott / EyeEm / Getty

Ticketing details meant for train take a trip in  Scandinavia

Ticketing ought to be straightforward, though beloved services might be busy so seat bookings are generally recommended. A good Interrail or even Eurail move   covering Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland giving four days of travel with an one -month period expenses €218/$222, though seat and sleeper berth reservations are needed on the type associated with faster : or overnight – teaches you’ll likely be getting.  

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Given that will advance buy fares for specific locomotives are a good value, many times that will booking point-to-point tickets is the majority of economical plus convenient choice. Individual nation rail providers ( Norway , Sweden , Denmark ) will usually present booking close to 90 times before starting, as will certainly booking sites like Trainline .   Cheaper deals sell out the particular closer you get in order to departure, so the further in advance you are able to guide the higher quality.

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