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Visit where the Duke of Wellington's Anglo-English and Blucher's Prussian's defeated Napoleon's French at the Battle of Waterloo - 18th June 1815

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The Battle of Waterloo – 18th June 1815

The Waterloo Campaign started when the French L'Armée du Nord commanded by the Emperor Napoleon crossed the Belgium-France frontier on 15th June 1815. Its interlinked battles took place over the next five-days culminating in Napoleon's last great battle near a small Belgium town called Waterloo on 18th June 1815.

The Battle of Waterloo by Felix Philippoteaux

The History

The story of the Battle of Waterloo has been recounted many times in print as well as on the cinema screen. There are a number of history websites that also have their version of what happened. Our potted history of the battle which can be found at Waterloo 1815 or by clicking the History button at the left of this page.

Visiting the Waterloo Battlefield

The Waterloo Battlefield is located to thesouth of Brussels, Belgium and is best reached via the Dover to Calais or Dover to Dunkirque Cross-Channel ferry.

A Tour of the Battlefield

Our potted tour of the Waterloo battlefield which can be found at Waterloo - The Battlefield or by clicking the Battlefield button at the left of this page.

Where To Stay

Our guide on where to stay can be found at Waterloo - Where To Stay or by clicking the Where to Stay button at the left of this page. Some of the hotels and guesthouses listed are those that we have used ourselves, but other are not. Please note that we do not have any control over the standard of these hotels and guesthouses and have included them on this site as a service to our visitors.

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