Self-guide and expert guided battlefield tours to Waterloo.
Visit where the Duke of Wellington's Anglo-English and Blucher's Prussian's defeated Napoleon's French at the Battle of Waterloo - 18th June 1815

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A Tour of the Waterloo Battlefield

Location - Waterloo, Belgium.

Duration - Approximately 8 hours.

Map of the Tour

The tour begins at Waterloo Battlefield Visitors Centre. Here you get an introduction to the battle through their audio-visual presentation before climbing the steps of the Lion Mount for a birdseye view of the battlefield.

The Lion Mount

This is followed by a visit to the Panorama and Wax Museum before embarking on a tour of the battlefield.

From the Lion Mount and Museum you head southwest towards Hougoumont by taking the road that runs alongside of the Panorama to visit this famous Farm. Take time to explore, but please show respect for those that live here. There are a number of memorials within this walled farmhouse and in the padock to its rear.


Retrace the route back towards the Panorama stopping off at the Mercer memorial about 300 yards before reaching the building. Here you can take time to read / discuss what happened at Mercer's Battery during the battle and view the battlefield from the west.

Mercer's memorial

Continue back to the Panorama and turn right past the Visitor Centre to the Crossroads. Go straight across the crossroads and park in the small carpark on the far side. There are a number of memorials in the vicinity that you can visit. Here you can take time to read / discuss the attack by Lieutenant General d'Erlon's French I Army Corps against Wellingtons centre.

The next stop is a short walk south from the cross to the La Haye Sainte Farmhouse where you stand on the opposite side of the road. Here you can take the time to read / discuss the actions of the King's German Legion in the defence of the farmhouse during the battle.

La Haye Sainte

Return to your car and then drive south to La Belle Alliance the site of Napoleon's Headquarters through out the battle before driving into Planenoit to visit the Prussian Memorial where you can take time to read / discuss the battle between the Prussians and the Young Guard.

ThePrussian Memorial Plancenoit

Return to the main road south to stop at the impressive 'Wounded Eagle' memorial before continuing south to the "Le Caillou" Farm Museum that concludes your tour. Here you can read about, discuss and consider the outcome of the battle and its place in our history.

The Wounded Eagle memorial
Le Caillou Farm Museum

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