Self-guide and expert guided battlefield tours to Agincourt. Visit where King Henry V and his English Longbows defeated the French at the Battle of Agincourt.

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A Tour of the Agincourt Battlefield

Location - 62310 AZINCOURT, France.

Duration - Approximately 4 hours.

Map of the Tour

The tour begins at Centre Historique Médiéval Agincourt on Rue Charles VI, Azincourt where you take time to familiarise yourselves with the history of the 100 Years War and Battle of Agincourt as you stroll around the excellent exhibits of this modern Visitor's Centre and Museum. The entrance is designed to look like a row of English Longbows with the arrows notched and ready for loosening at the waiting French Army.


After taking time to visit the museum you drive to the Agincourt Memorial and Orientation Table. This is an ideal place to read about / discuss the events that led up to the battle and the dispositions of the opposing forces at the beginning of the day.

The Battle of Agincourt Monument

The Agincourt Battlefield

From the monument turn left (north) and drive approximately 1,000 yards stop at the southern edge of the field just short of the next crossroads. Here you can read about / discuss the move forward by the English and Henry V's deployment of his archers.

The Agincourt Battle

After driving forward to the crossroad you can read about / discuss the opening of the battle as the English archers loose their arrows into the waiting French and the French Army's reaction.

The Agincourt Battle

From the crossroads take the road west towards Azincourt to stop at the side of the road after about 100 yards. Here you can read about / discuss the remainder of the battle and the defeat of the French first and second 'battles' by Henry V's men.

The Agincourt Battle

You can then read about / discuss the dilemma in which Henry V found himself. The third French ‘battle’ was poised to attack, the French prisoners that had already been taken were gathered together and put under guard to be moved to the rear and Ysambart, Lord of Azincourt had attacked the English camp and the baggage train. This gave Henry a conundrum as he was faced with a very real threat from the Frenchmen he held captive as well as the third ‘battle’ still assembled ready for battle. The captives numbered more than the entire English Army and all were still in armour. The battlefield was littered with discarded weapons and they could easily overcome the token guard that Henry could afford to guard them.

After discussing what happened at Agincourt you can read about, discuss and consider the outcome of the battle and its place in our history.


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