Self-guide and expert guided battlefield tours to the Normandy beaches where the Allied 21st Army Group landed to begin the liberation of Northwest Europe on D-Day, 6 June 1944.

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D-Day, 6th June 1944

Operation OVERLORD, as the invasion of Northwest Europe is known, was the largest amphibious assault to have ever taken place and involved almost three million Allied troops from twelve participating nations. It took more than two and a half years to plan and prepare and culminated in the capture of Paris 80 days after the Allied forces landed on the coast of France.

It began in the early hours of Tuesday 6 June 1944 when three Allied Airborne Divisions were dropped by parachute and reinforced by gliders to secure the flanks of the invasion area. These airborne landings were followed up by a massive air and naval bombardment of the German coastal defences in preparation for the early morning amphibious assault. At 06.35 hrs the seaborne landings commenced with the amphibious assaults in the American sector at UTAH and OMAHA Beaches, which were followed fifty minutes later by the amphibious assault in the British sector at GOLD, JUNO and SWORD Beaches.

The US 1st Division landing at OMAHA Beach on D-day.

The History

The story of D-Day has been recounted in numerous books. It has been the subject of some major films as well as series that have been made for television. There are a number of history websites that also have their version of what happened. Our potted history of the battle which can be found at Our D-Day History Website or by clicking the History button at the left of this page.

Visiting the D-Day Beaches and Battlefields

The D-Day Beaches and Battlefields are located in the Normandy region of France and is best reached via the Portsmouth to Caen (Ouistreham) Cross-Channel ferry. Ouistreham is the right-hand end of the landing area at SWORD Beach.

A Tour of the Battlefield

If you want to tour the battlefield in the company of an expert guide, please visit our website at www.inthefootsteps.com. An outline of our suggested self-tour of the D-Day Beaches and battlefields can be found at D-Day - The Battlefield or by clicking the Battlefield button at the left of this page.

Where To Stay

Our guide on where to stay can be found at D-Day - Where To Stay or by clicking the Where to Stay button at the left of this page. Some of the hotels and guesthouses listed are those that we have used ourselves, but other are not. Please note that we do not have any control over the standard of these hotels and guesthouses and have included them on this site as a service to our visitors.

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